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Creating bootable drive: DVD/USB

Creating Windows Client/Server Bootable Disk:

There are basically 3 ways to create bootable drive.

  1. Microsoft’s official tool
  2. Using command prompt
  3. Using third party software’s

Before we start creating the bootable drive for Windows Server 2012 R2 we need the following –

  • Windows Server 2012 R2.iso
  • Drive Space of at least 8 GB ( The Windows Server 2012 R2 installation bits will not fit on a 4GB USB drive )

1. Microsoft’s Official Tool

Microsoft provided Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool also known by Windows USB/DVD download tool with window 7 release. This tool can be used to make bootable device in four steps for following windows OS either client or server.

  1. Windows Server 2012 R2
  2. Windows Server 2012
  3. Windows Server 2008 R2
  4. Windows 10
  5. Windows 8.1
  6. Windows 8
  7. Windows 7

Follow the Steps –

1. Download Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool from HERE

2. Choose ISO file: Run the tool and Click on the Browse button to select the ISO file. Click Next to go to step two.

3. Choose Media Type: USB device or DVD. In Step two, we need to decide whether we need to copy the windows server 2012 R2 installation files to a DVD disc or a USB stick

4. Select drive and Begin Copying: Select USB/DVD drive and click on Begin Copying.

5. Format and Create bootable Drive: After the last step it will ask to format the drive to make enough space. Click Yes to start formatting . After formatting it will start creating bootable DVD/USB device.

2. Using Command Prompt

Download 7-zip software or any unzipping tool before starting the process.

Follow the Steps –

1. Go to CMD in administrator mode
2. Type diskpart  [to open disk management utility using command prompt]

As a result you will get a diskpart utility Window as shown below.

3. DISKPART> list disk  [It will show the no of disks attached with your system. Here we have 2 drives:  SSD and pen drive]
4. DISKPART> select disk X  [your disk no X that is to make bootable]
5. DISKPART> clean
6. DISKPART> create partition primary  [Create the bootable partition]
7. DISKPART> select partition 1   [Select the partition you just created]
8. DISKPART> active
9. DISKPART> format fs = ntfs   [It Start formatting the selected disk]

After the formatting is completed go to step 10 and 11.

10. DISKPART> assign

11. Go to the location where windows server 2012 R2 ISO file is stored in your system –> Right click on it –> select 7-zip –> Select your DVD/USB drive and extract the ISO File.

3. Using Third Party Software

There are number of software’s available to make a bootable drive like: Rufus, PowerISO, Nero, UltraISO etc.

Using Rufus:

    1. Download REFUS
    2. Insert your DVD/USB Drive and run Rufus
    3. Tick on Create a bootable USB Drive and Select ISO Image option in front of it.
    4. Select the ISO file and Click on start.

Using PowerISO:

Creating bootable USB drive is not possible with UltraISO so go for PowerISO.

  • Start PowerISO in Admin Mode
  • Insert USB Drive
  • Go to Tools –> Click Create Bootable USB Drive

  • Select ISO File
  • Select USB drive to make it Bootable
  • Select proper writing method –> USB-HDD (recommended)
  • Click on Start

Using Nero:

  • Start Nero or other DVD-ROM burning software
  • Go to File –> New
  • DVD type –> DVD-ROM (boot)
  • Select ISO Image file (from stored location> No. of sectors = 4
  • Label tab –> Enter Volume label of DVD-ROM
  • Burn DVD –> finalize DVD
  • Click New –> Drag all files from windows server 2012 R2 DVD
  • Recorder Menu –> Burn Compilation –> Burn

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