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Carrier Options after B-Tech from CS/...

Carrier Options after B-Tech from CS/IT

There are three major options after B.Tech from CS/IT branch 1. Placement(job) 2. Higher Study 3. Self employment “B.E./B.Tech. courses in the branches of Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology (IT) will have tremendous employment opportunities in the coming years, since the IT sector is set to grow till 2020“ –  Jayaprakash Gandhi (education […]

Introduction to Android

Introduction to Android

    About Android 1. Open source – source code for Android is freely available under open source software licence, licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. 2. Linux-Linux based operating system for mobile devices such as Smartphone’s and tablet computers. Developed by:  Open Handset Alliance, led by Google is an association of 34 companies to develop open standards […]

The Pumping Lemma for Regular and Con...

The Pumping Lemma for Regular and Context-free Languages

The Pumping Lemma for Regular Languages Pumping Lemma is a powerful tool to prove that a language is not regular. The proof technique used here is Proof by Contradiction. ie., initially, in the proof, the language is considered as a regular language. The following table shows how and where pumping lemma used exactly: The finite […]

Turing Machine: Acceptor & Trans...

Turing Machine: Acceptor & Transducer

We have studied two types of languages from the Chomsky hierarchy: regular languages and context-free languages. These languages can describe many practically important systems and so they are heavily used in practice. They are, however, of limited capability and there are many languages that they can not process. Here we are going to study the […]

How Email is Sent: SMTP and POP3/IMAp...

How Email is Sent: SMTP and POP3/IMAp4

Email is based around the use of electronic mailboxes. When an email is sent, the message is routed from server to server, all the way to the recipient’s email server. Today almost everyone has at least one email account. Clicking on the email send button and delivery of an email message contains a lot of […]


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