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Echo Server handling Multiple Client

Echo Server handling Multiple Client

The Finite State diagram for echo server handling multiple client is given below.

UDP: User Datagram Protocol

UDP: User Datagram Protocol

Introduction of UDP Think UDP working as communication by letter. LETTER UDP 1. You write a letter ———————> data 2. Put the letter inside an envelope ——–> UDP packet 3. Address the envelope ——————–> Remote address (remote IP + remote Port no.) (To, The Director, IIT-Gandhinager, pin.- 382424) 4. Put the return address on the envelope […]

NFA: Non-deterministic Finite Automat...

NFA: Non-deterministic Finite Automata Programming

Nondeterministic means choice of moves for automata. In non-deterministic finite automata we are allowed a set of possible moves. The definition of nondeterministic automata is similar to that of deterministic finite automata but with one difference, the transition function.     The language accepted by a NFA is regular just as in case of a […]

Drawing Text of Different Fonts in Op...

Drawing Text of Different Fonts in OpenGL using MFC Library

With the help of this post, you will be able to write text of different font in OpenGL using Microsoft Foundation Class Library. List of features that you can change using GetBitmapFromText() function: 1. You can change fonts of text. 2. You can change transparency of rounded rectangle. 3. You can change text color. 4. You can […]

Features of ‘C’ Programmi...

Features of ‘C’ Programming Language

1. C as a powerful, flexible and Middle level language Computer science is a field of study that deals with solving a variety of problems by using computers. To solve a given problem by using computers, you need a programming language. Programming languages are generally categorized as low-level languages and high-level languages. Low-level languages (Assembly […]

Self Driving Cars: Reacts Faster Than...

Self Driving Cars: Reacts Faster Than Humans in Emergency

“Some 1.2 million people are killed on the roads around the world each year. That number is equivalent to a jet falling out of the sky every day.”

Blue Brain: Creating Virtual Human Br...

Blue Brain: Creating Virtual Human Brain inside a SuperComputer

The Blue Brain Project is an attempt to reverse engineer the human brain and recreate it at the cellular level inside a computer simulation. The project was founded in May 2005 by Henry Markram at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. Goals of the project are to gain a complete understanding of the brain and to enable […]

Cyber Crime and Security

Cyber Crime and Security

Here first of all we see what the cyber crime is and different types of possible cyber attacks. After that we will also discuss the methods to overcome the cyber crime i.e. cyber security.

GPSC 2015: Solved Paper for Assistant...

GPSC 2015: Solved Paper for Assistant Professor-CS

GPSC 2015 ( 8 March) ANSWER KEYS for COMPUTER ENGINEERING Read this link for answer keys of GPSC IT: GPSC-IT-QUESTIONS-ANSWERS  Click here to Download PDF: GPSC-2015-CSE-Question-Answer A schedule allocating task to processors in multiprocessor system are represented by chart   (A) A graph (B) Gantt chart  (C) Y-Chart (D) Flow Chart Answer: B (Gantt chart)

Closure Properties of languages

Closure Properties of languages

Closure: When you combine any two elements of the set, the result is also included in the set. Closed under union – what does it mean? Suppose we have a language L and a language S and both are context- free. We know that the union of  2 context- free languages is also context free (See […]